Friday, March 10, 2006

"You answer to me like I'm Jesus Christ himself, and if you fuckin' lie to me, may your mother die of cancer of the eyes!"

Mes Amis

Did someone mention that the Sopranos was coming back sometime soon? (Okay, channel fuckin' four, you'd better get it soon and you'd better show it a damn decent time!) Oh joyous fucking day, my friends! And did this person, in celebration link to a mafia name generator. Now there's a distraction I can't refuse, my friend.

My Mafia name, so they tell me, is Chicken Fried Leo.

I like Chicken. And I like it fried. So I guess that works pretty damn well.

I will get back to in depth posts soon, my impatient legions of fans... um... fan... um folks who accidentally wander past this place in search of things that are far more exciting. But I'm buried in manuscripts right now.

Au revoir



Gary Smith said...

My new name is Ol' Fabrizio Bitchtits' - Me like!

Russel said...

From now on, that's how you gotta refer to yourself. Even in those papers you write:

Lincoln's Policies on Slavery and their Social Impact by Dr O.F. Bitchtits.

I'd read it.

that girl said...

I can hear it now:
"excuse me Mr Bitchtits?"
"thats DR Bitchtits to you"

that girl said...

oh yeah and its "Epileptic Bambi Rizzo" to all of you now

Sandra Ruttan said...

Just shut the fuck up.

Bald Sandra Santoro

Anonymous said...

Oh brilliant. Everyone else gets great names like Bitchtits and Rizzo. What do I get????

Butt Ugly Francesca (aka Donna)

Russel said...

Bald Sandra

Play nice, now. Or I'll send my capos, Bitchtits and Bambi round to have a word with you.

And Donna

It is, of course, an ironic name. And anyone who says it ain't gets a visit from my capos (and nobody wants a visit from Bitctits: he's a mean motherfucker with the cold, dead eyes of a killer).

Gary Smith said...

Yeah, I am. Grrrrrrrrrrrr!

Russel said...

If you can see him when he's growling, then you'd really be scared... I'm quaking in my boots just thinking about it.

Sandra Ruttan said...

Say it again Russel, I dare you

I have a lot of time to plan for surprises at Harrogate...

Stuart MacBride said...

Yea, well Blind Louie Bruno here is gonna get assisted learning on your ass. Or I will if I can find it. Being blind and all.