Wednesday, March 15, 2006


Mes Amis

The results are in: The Story South Million Writer's Award have released their list of notable stories of 2005. And one of those stories comes direct from that most humble of publications, Crime Scene Scotland.

Yes, Neal Marks's fantastic con story, Down and Out in Brentwood, has been given the nod as a noteable story which is great for him and pleasing for the editors of CSS who are loudly clapping and whooping as this very cool, brilliantly written story does deserve much recognition.

And of course loads of other great zines are represented up there including the marvellous Shots, the ever amazing Thrilling Detective, the excellent Shred of Evidence and the very cool Thuglit.

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Gary Smith said...

Your link doesn't work. Take out the . after html or use this one:

Computer whiz Gary

Gary Smith said...

Ok, my link doesn't work either!

Well done to Neil and the Crime Scene boys, by the way!

Computer dunce Gary

Russel said...


"I don't know. I just press the buttons."

'Nuff said... :-)

Russel said...

Oh yeah, it works now.

Just checking you were all awake.