Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Move aside, Sam Raimi

Mes Amis

The world is insane. Yes, I have found clips of the Japanese Spider Man TV series... This inspiredly lunatic clip seems to show Spiderman up against a bunch of samurai and horrible outnumber. But fear not, for a man with a guitar-shaped machine gun (that also plays great Mariachi Music) is around to save him. Just as well because one of the Samuaria grows to giant size, meaning Spidey has to use a spaceship *and* what appears to be Optimus Prime to kick his ass.

Really, this is just incredible. But its hellishly big so if you're on dial up I wouldn't reccomend trying to look at the clip. You can learn more about this very odd series here should you so desire.

But if you can download the clip (and it seemed to be slow even on my new broadband connection) you should do as it is, quite simply, inspired and quite, quite wonderful (Although Mr White should beware for while there are no subtitles I'm afraid they haven't dubbed it for your convenience - not that you need words to understand it; its action all the way, baby!)

Au revoir


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Gary Smith said...

Found this a couple of weeks ago and it really is the most amazing thing.

I think the plot is that aliens give him his powers, along with a kickass big robot.

To think I used to think the Power Rangers were original :)