Friday, November 25, 2005

Questions answered, excuses made

Mes Amis

I just realised someone (Mr Alan P) asked a question a while back that I never answered. The question, just to refresh memories, was along the lines of whether I had ever published my own work on CSS.

The answer is a yes. In early issues, when subs were slow, I published two early Sam Bryson shorts (Paternal Matters and Mrs Datlow's Boy). They're not exactly in official continuity with the later AHMM shorts for various reasons. And these days I'm not even sure it was a good idea to let them into the public eye. But if you trawl through the back issues you'll find them. The surrounding stories by other people are far better, though.

Talking about CSS, yes there have been no updates made. Its a busy time so we're doing a bigger december issue instead with all the current stuff plus a few extras. I would make excuses but you've heard them all before. Suffice to say it'll be there soon. The best things, after all, come to those who wait.

Au revoir



Mikey P said...

"The best things come to those who wait" - until you wait all year for snow and it disappears after a piddling 5 minutes bluster... ARGH - I want snow that makes it hard for me to get to work (so, in effect, deeper than I can walk in!).

Stuart MacBride said...

You could try getting shorter legs, then you won't have to wait so long.