Friday, November 25, 2005

..."If only I was a scientist, billionaire, crime fighting detective..."

Mes Amis

Its the day for finding odd comic book stuff around the web, I think...

First of all, with a few offensive jokes and the absolute wonder of Wayne's choice to become Male Stripper Man, we have this retelling of Batman's origin (which I believe is based on Joel Schumacher's own synopsis for Batman Begins). With thanks to Gary for sending that along.

And secondly, we have the most bizarre casting in the world - what would it have been like if Bob Hoskins had played Doc Oc in a 1986 spiderman movie?

Au revoir



Gary Smith said...

'Burned onto retinas for all time!' I shall certainly be looking out of my windows for inspiration after reading that...

John R. said...

Wow. A Spider-Man directed by Albert Pyun, the man who made Nemesis and its three sequels, which would all have made the IMDb 100 worst films list if only more people had seen them and voted for them.

Batman. *snickering*