Monday, October 10, 2005


Mes Amis

Now that I'm able to put aside THE GOOD SON for a couple of weeks while the poor tortured souls who are my test readers look over the manuscript, I find myself at a loss. I miss having to go over the book like a beast, making sure that character's line up and events take place in order. I miss changing shitey sentences and finding myself distracted by singing along with the Alabama 3's "Have You Seen Bruce Richard Reynolds?"

I have one story to complete on deadline, now. I have a fair idea what I want to do with it. Another one may hopefully find a home soon enough. I am working on short pieces for a couple of markets I've never tried before. Mostly these are stand alones.

My upstairs neighbour is moving a herd of elephants from one side of the flat to the other. Its half past midnight. My roof is shaking. The lights are bouncing.

If you don't hear from me again it may be safe to assume that Mr Upstairs has crashed through the roof of my flat and landed on top of me.

The way he's carrying on up there, this may not be far from possible.

Au revoir



Jon The Crime Spree Guy said...

we have no nieghbors.


I've been downstairs when the cats chase each other and it sounds like buffalo stampeding.

I would suggest loud music.

that girl said...


what are you doig instead of the book then? huh? huh??

that girl said...

I wanted to share with you all: