Tuesday, October 25, 2005


Mes Amis

Those of you who know me well know I'm something of a fan of the new series of Doctor Who. Actually, I bloody loved it - unpretentious, good quality SF fun with some great acting and some witty scripts.

Well, it just won three (count em, three) awards. Not that I pay attention to TV awards but for once they're going to the right places (Well except for Ant and Dec - all they deserve is to be fed to the fuckin' lions for our Saturday tea time entertainment: yeah, I'd tune in to watch that). Even ol' Jamie "Pucka" Oliver got a deserved award (crikey, never thought I'd say that!) for his excellent "Jamie's School Dinners" which confirmed everything we knew about school dinners (they're shite).

Anyway, I'm all geeking out for the new series of Who. I know that girl is, too. But for very different reasons. She's all ready to lick the TV when the new doc walks on. And Mr Tennant's not even ginger, either.

In other news my PS2 finally bit the big one. Its fucked beyond repair, least far as I can tell (I even tried a bit of home repair and I think that really did it no good). Time to go searching for a new one. She was second hand and has lasted me about four years now, which is good. But I'm onto San Fierro on San Andreas and things were just getting good.

Well at least the last of the test readers are getting back to me on THE GOOD SON which is great. Or not. I don't know yet. But I'm hoping the lovely critique I got back a week or so ago is indicative of the general mood.

And I haven't had any rude emails today. Which is good.

Au revoir


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Mary said...

I really hope they release the new Dr. Who here in the states soon. I haven't had much luck figuring out BitTorrent, but this might just push me over the edge so I can get my fix.