Saturday, August 27, 2005

Leaving on a Jet Plane

Mes Amis

Right, I probably ain't gonna post in the next few days and after that, well, in Chicago I definitely ain't gonna be posting. Or replying to those adoring letters people send me (Or sending any of those adoring letters to myself, either). Because, well, I might be rather busy.

As to the next few days I got so much crap to sort before getting on that plane, its a little worrying. And I gotta catch up on myself in terms of writing. Discipline, folks. That's the key word here.

But its all very exciting. I should get a chance to finally meet some people who have been very kind either here or on crimescenescotland. I should get away from the Arsehole Upstairs (who's been playing his music again so that my lights shake) as well. And above all I can make an arse of myself on that panel. Of course, everyone'll be through seeing Banks and Guthrie do their thang on the Not the White City Panel, but us short story writers, we'll be putting on a show. Hell, I might even dance on a tabletop and sing "Stayin' Alive" in a convincing Bee Gees falsetto*.

But its all gonna be great fun and, as ever, there'll be a report in the next issue of CSS. If I'm allowed back out of (or even into) the country.

So I shall those of you who are going there.

And the rest of you.

Well, I'm sure you'll survive without me for a little while.

Au Revoir


*Offer may be void in countries with a vowel, may not actually happen

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Mikey P said...


Have fun in the States - I hear the security is a bit 'edgy' - so you might not get back out the country.

Erm, that's all really - Gary & Kim told me about your blog, I thought I'd come and say 'Hi' - seeing as how you weren't in Dundee when I was visiting. Shame really, you could have got a free lunch! Ah well, next time.