Friday, August 19, 2005

Get a Beard Cut, ya hippy!

Mes Amis

With a full three days of my boss and colleagues making Serpico and Brian Blessed jokes, my mother popping round and saying I'd be stopped at customs due to that beard, I decided to take action. The great Alan Moore experiment has been, quite literally, cut short; a little shorter than I intended, too. Which is not to say the beard is gone, just that it shall not reach the great heights I had been aiming for. Just as well, for my sideburns grow straight out for some reason which is quite disconcerting. So its back to where it was in those photographs where, according to some people, I look a little like a noir Ricky Gervais. Which is fine. It means people might recognise me.

Oh dear.

It means Ray might recognise me.

No running from combat for me now...

Must keep practicing the Orville/Badger combo.

Till next time, mes amis

Au revoir


1 comment:

Ray said...

Oh I'll recognise you anyway, Big D. There's that musty odour, for a start. And due to your feral nature, you'll probably have something small and bloody hanging from your mouth.