Tuesday, July 19, 2005


Mes Amis

Nobody said writing would be easy. Just got word back on the latest draft and, fuck if I haven't overloaded it again with too much extraneous nonsense (I fly between one extreme and the other). We might be in for a Sam's personal life reboot or perhaps even taking Sam out of this one (part of me fancies doing a Nameless 'tec style story) altogether. The problem is that in asking me to include stuff from the original Sam novel (entitled Twisted Sister and a shitey serial killer bollocks it was, too) has thrown me completely. I think lovely new editor Emma might be right that we need to reboot this and treat it like a new beginning.

Ah, crap!

Some days I hate writing. But already I have a battle plan, mes amis.

I'll show them.

I'll show everyone!

Au revoir



Charlie Williams said...

Show the bastards!

Ray said...

And then after you've shown them, zip up and get writing!

Charlie Williams said...

And then show them again!

Jennifer Jordan said...

I think James Patterson thinks that writing is easy.