Tuesday, July 19, 2005

On The Road Again

Mes Amis

I'm off on the road to Harrogate - well, actually, I'm on the road home to Fife this evening and then off down to Harrogate tomorrow. I know the festival don't start till Thursday but I'm heading down to get a lay of the land and so forth.

It'll be fun to have a poke around Harrogate. Really I'm down there to meet my wonderful agent face to face more than anything but a lot of the events look good too. I'm booked in to see Stuart MacBride (and others) at the Fresh Blood panel. MacBride has promised over on his blog that he'll do a falsetto rendition of Dancing Queen and I shall be sorely dissapointed if he doesn't follow through... There's also a panel on sex and violence but I doubt we'll see pratical demonstrations. And Michael Connelly is speaking, too. I do like Connelly's work so that should be excellent. Anyway, its a little freaky going down there on my own, knowing only my agent, but hey, that means I'll just have to turn on the McLean charm and actually, y'know, talk to people.

It is funny, really, how I know far more people going to Bouchercon - in a whole other country - than I do going to Harrogate which is far, far closer to home. But then B'con holds its own challenges, too, I'm sure (like the panel...)...

Anyway, mes amis, this may be it until my return on Sunday...

Au revoir


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