Monday, July 18, 2005

Secrets to Success

Mes Amis

For those of you who give a damn, I'm working on a few projects at the moment. One of them is on hiatus for a while while I wait for An Important Communication (when I get it and if its good I'll let ya know), the other is for a top secret project I shall not talk of yet (and may never) and the third is called a Dissertation and let me tell ya I'm bored of writing this bastard, yet it must be finished. Honestly, the more I write about Free Will the more I think, "why do we even care if we're free? If the illusion is good enough, who gives a damn?". Mind you, as ever I shall likely regain my enthusiasm in a few days.

Anyway, my creative juices stopped flowing a while back and I started going through links and tidying up my favourites. I came across something that made me pine for the old days when I thought I could write SF and F nonsense. And, in light of a certain low profile fantasy release within the last couple of days I thought I would present for those writers who aspire to create a bestselling fantasy series in the mould of Tolkein, Brooks et al, the webpage you cannot do without.

And just in case Ray missed it this month, I'll provide a link to "Badguy: the magazine for villains, archfiends, mad scientists and other evildoers".

Okay, okay, I'm getting back to the real work...

Au revoir



Stuart MacBride said...

Excellent link! Now I have all I need to churn out my 2,000 page epic! Pass me that wizard and a pair of pinking shears, will you?

Russel said...

See, now you have no excuse for not finishing a fantasy novel... And to think I wasted my time on writing all those really hard battle sequences...