Monday, April 04, 2011

The Good Son returns (virtually speaking)

Mes Amis

Check out this beauty.

You like?

JT Lindroos has designed brand new cover art for a digital UK only edition of THE GOOD SON. Which I know many of you have been asking for for a long time. At the moment due to rights restrictions and technical difficulties, the book is only available for The Kindle. So if that's your bag, go and grab the book at a bargain price. THE LOST SISTER will be following sometime... oh, soon...

Of course, if you like print, you can still get THE GOOD SON and THE LOST SISTER, published by those beautiful people at Five Leaves Publications from all good bookstores (online and off). In fact I'd still encourage you to do so even if you have bought an e-edition. Why? They may cost a bit more, but if you have one of these beauties and hunt me down, I will write very nice things in them just for you.

Because, here's the thing: I adore print. And I adore my print publishers, too. I also adooore bookstores and maintain that they are still the best places to go for reccomends and a true sense of community. But I also see why people love digital, too. And a lot of you have been asking for a digital edition of the books.

As I say, we've been looking at something for the Sony (or any epub) reader but the DRM is proving to be rather tricky to get a handle on for the UK editions.

But what about my dear friends in the USofA? Well, St Martins are the ones in charge of the books over there. So if you're looking for a digital edition, they're the boys and girls to ask:



Until next time, mes amis,

Au revoir


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