Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Tour Interruptus

Mes Amis

Its taking me a while to document the tour, and I know you want me to get the good stuff - like The Ho in Arizona or the incident with the twenty dollar notes, the whipped cream and the camera at the hotel bar in SF (of which, rather sadly, no evidence exists, but trust me that it happened and it wasn't entirely what you're thinking, you filthy minded lot!)

But in the meantime, here's an interview I gave on the road. I think I mix some things up here and there (including my spectacular failure to remember the awesome John Rector's name) but it was great fun talking to Mr Rawson in Arizona.

Russel D. McLean interviewed by Keith Rawson from Damon Cap on Vimeo.

By this point in the tour I was barely able to tell you which continent I was on, but let me say that I knew I was having a spectacular evening at the Poisoned Pen. Something I'll tell you more about very soon indeed...

But in the meantime,

au revoir


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