Friday, September 04, 2009

Assorted nonsense

Mes Amis

More at DO SOME DAMAGE these last couple of weeks as I talk about my formative experiences as a writer and why I love my agent (even if does beat me about the head with a baseball bat every time I make a mistake).

I'm not abandoning this blog, as some of you have been concerned, but with other things taking up my time and the commitment to DSD being weeklug, I have been quieter than usual preparing to take over the world with THE LOST SISTER in October and the US release of THE GOOD SON in October.

Which allows to segue nicely into these very nice words from CWA Short story dagger winner (among numerous other well deserved wins within the publishing world) Sean Chercover:

"Russel D. McLean flat-out rocks the house with this outstanding debut. Taut, tough, and profoundly touching, THE GOOD SON signals the start of a big career. I loved this book, can't wait for the next one."

And now, I must go, mes amis, deflate my ego and finish book #3.

Au revoir


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