Saturday, August 22, 2009

Quiet... but not for long...

Mes Amis

If you've missed the last couple of weeks over on DO SOME DAMAGE, why not go over and check out my rant on swearing and what I think about Christopher Brookmyre subtly switching genres.

Be assured, of course, I'm not abandoning this place, either. But I have been holed away doing edits on THE LOST SISTER so that everything is hunky dory for release in October. Yes, October! A new cover will be available soon (oooo!) and then we'll be rocking.

In the meantime, go over to Suite 101 and see what I had to say about my mysterious writing habits. And maybe think about coming to Dundee on 24 September where I will be talking with top selling true crime writer Alexander McGregor as he prepares to unleash an updated version of the bestelling THE LAW KILLERS upon the world. Fact, fiction and everything in between will be being talked about at 7pm on 24 September at the Tower Building at the university of Dundee, and tickets can be bought from Waterstones, 35 commercial street, Dundee for the incredibly reasonable sum of £3. Call 01382 200322 (during business hours, naturally) and talk to those wonderful Waterstones booksellers for more details or to reserve tickets.

Anyway, I'm slinking back to the dungeon so I can continue my terrible experiments. Until next time, friends,

Au revoir


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