Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Mes Amis
Look to the right and you'll see the tiny thumbnail image of THE LOST SISTER due from Five Leaves this October. I do not have a larger copy at the moment and there may still be some changes due, but this image appeared at the Five Leaves website a wee while ago and thus is fit for public consumption. Last I knew the quote along the bottom will come from the estimable Mr Tony Black.

So the questions remain, what does a bloodied old axe have to do with J McNee? Will that wily old bastard David Burns make a comeback? What exactly is the deal with Susan Bright anyway? And is it true that this book features a bearded psychopath?

For the answers to all these questions - and ones you never even thought of asking - you'll have to wait until october, my friends.

And as soon as we have a larger image, I'll post that one, too!

Au revoir

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Anonymous said...

Woo-hooo the orange font is gone *thanks the bookselling Gods* :-)

Can't wait til October to read the next instalment. I might have talked Craig into re-reading the first book by then again since Amensia Boy has accidentally forgotten your work of genius. I'm working on it *giggles*