Thursday, April 09, 2009

"How people can read Mind if they could read Sweet & Smith beats me."

Mes Amis

It is now official: the sequel to THE GOOD SON, titled THE LOST SISTER will be published by Five Leaves Publications in the UK. I do not currently have definite dates, but will update you as things progress.

What's that I hear you cry? What's this one all about? Well, since you twisted my arm...

THE LOST SISTER finds Dundonian Private Investigator J McNee getting in over his head when a teenage girl - who happens to be local hard man David Burn's God Daughter - goes missing. Attached to the police investigation as an "observer", McNee soon finds himself following up his own leads when he is contacted by an ex-investigator who thinks he knows what happened to the girl. But can McNee trust his own instincts? And is he already too late to save Mary Furst?

On top of that, a while back I was interrogated by that dashing new master of Scots noir Tony Black for Shots Magazine, and now that interview has turned up online here. We talk Crime Scene Scotland (and its demise as a full zine), short stories, the fact that I don't remember winning a prize and of course, THE GOOD SON. On top of that we also squeeze in philosophy and the fact that Wittgenstein was a hardboiled fan at heart.

Au revoir


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Kieran Shea said...

Nice interview, dug the thinning of the herd on the 'zine scene where we mere mortals wallow...