Saturday, March 07, 2009

"How could THEY cut the power? They're animals, man!"

Mes Amis

Today in Glasgow for, after a sixteen year wait, ALIEN WARS. Yes, being a rather large fan of both ALIEN and ALIENS (and even liking moments of ALIEN 3) I was pretty damn excited to get down to this interactive "tour" of a crashed spaceship in Glasgow. Thank God for the Marines who were present, or I'd never have made it out alive once the Xenomorphs on board the ship escaped.

I think I would say the experience was fun, if a little short-lived and probably for those who know the movies and are prepared to buy in to the whole experience. Yes, I did scream like a (foul mouthed) little girl when I thought I saw something jump out from the wall near the start of the tour and gave a more than little scream when bumping into one of my fellow tour mates, and by the end I think some of our group's cynicism was gone and they were giving in to the experience. Being left to wait underneath a grating in the ceiling (and being the only person under said grate) was a little unnerving too for anyone who has seen the movies. All in all, I'd say some brilliant moments but just a little too short and a few more minutes would have really built up the intensity beautifully (just as I was digging it, it was all over). There was at least one very good trick in an elevator shaft and excellent moments with the lighting which, yes, did make me yelp. There were some elements I know were present sixteen years earlier that seem to have been removed from the experience that would just have added some more depth to the whole thing, but for a quick scare and a good laugh it was all very well done. If only there was some way to cut down the abominable waiting times - - maybe a wee bit more decoration, music, video and so forth to put you in the mood before you actually head underground?

Anyway, I'm glad I did it in the end, just to say I experienced it and, you know, I wouldn't say no if I was back there again especially if they do make it just a little bit different for every party who goes into the alien spaceship underneath Glasgow's arches.

Au revoir

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JamesO said...

Alien War? Jings! I remember auditioning for a part when they brought it up to Aberdeen, many, many years ago. There were about thirty of us and we alternatively had to jump out - Alien-like and screaming - at unsuspecting people, or pretend to be marines, in full control of the situation.

I never did get the part - my acting career cruelly cut off before it had a chance to blossom.