Sunday, January 25, 2009

"You bloody fool... you should never mix your drinks!"

Mes Amis

Withnail and I changed my life. Seriously. I was taken to see it when I was seventeen by my dad, who said, "You're going to uni: this will be your life from now on."

Knowing that he reads this blog, I can't say with any honesty how accurate he was.

But Withnail and I remains one of my favourite movies,* and so it was with intgrigue that I saw the Cottage where Withnail and "I" end up staying is currently up for sale.

Intriguingly, the pub where they wind up going is referred to on screen as the crow and crown but is referred to in my edition of the script The Crow and C**t.**

Of course, the following clip has nothing to do with that, but is one of my favourite moments from the film (followed closely by Withnails "imagine getting into a fight with the fucker" and the lads' attempts to sober up at a respectable cafe after getting arseholed on the money Uncle Monty gives them for wellys).

Au revoir


*I actually own a coat very similar to Withnails
**starred out for the more sensitive readers, who can stay with me up to "fuck" but pass out beyond

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