Sunday, September 14, 2008

Reasons to hate outlining...

Mes Amis

I might explain why later, but I am in the stages of currently outlining something. Its a fairly substantial project and it needs to be in fast. Of course, right now I am taking a back and following the advice of the wee cartoon in the post below - - organising my thoughts before I get my stuff done. Later I might do the dishes, cook dinner etc...

Anyway, truly I hate outlines - find they suck all of the life out of something. I occasionaly write plot guides that say, "move from this scene to that scene to that scene" but have no hints at motivation or connection. This allows me to improvise in writing, find creative paths to connect stuff.

But anyway, the point is... I need to do this. So its time to suck it up and do the outline. And ensure it makes sense to... other people.

And to top it all, there's a huge, bloated fly buzzing round the flat. Who likes trying to land on my eyeball.


Au revoir


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