Saturday, May 24, 2008

The word on the street...

Mes Amis

Still a while to go to publication, but with some advance word trickling into Casa McLean, I have to say that I'm pretty pleased with the reaction THE GOOD SON has been getting, even if there is still a small amount of tidying up to be done with rogue sentences and some rather silly spelling mistakes.

Blurbs will soon start appearing in the right hand column in an attempt to whet your appetite. And so far they have been from people I admire. At least one person has compared me to a cult* writer, Manchette, while another has said I bring a new credibility to the British PI*.

Don't know Manchette? Well check the wiki link above or read this excerpt:

His stories are violent, existentialist explorations of the human condition and French society. Manchette was politically to the left and his writing reflects this through his analysis of social positions and culture.

Okay, I'm not examining French Society, but it all sounds good to me... Violent and existential... I could live with that.

Its a horrible procedure this asking for blurbs. I have at least two more I'm waiting on, a couple more I'm waiting on absolute confirmation on to send out. But I have picked my targets fairly carefully based on a number of factors including shared readership, similar genre and a respect for what they do. And although the reaction has been good so far... I'm still nervous every time I know someone's looking at it. I can't imagine how I'll be when I know folks have been paying for it...

In the meantime, this is *not* my book... but I think it gives me some stiff competition...

Au revoir


*And yes, I'm being deliberately coy - - when the blurbs do go up, you can work it out...

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