Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Microsoft Word Ate My Documents...

Mes Amis

So there I was chuntering along like a happy fucking bunny when I had to leave the flat, save my work. And Word sulks. I try a couple things, and finally it seems to save.

Except when I open the file...

10,000 words reduced to rubbish.

Gobbledygook (and not, I can't even convert it).

So I have to start again.

At least my plan is still legible.




I'm off to have a scream.

Au revoir


(And yeah, I know computer problems have bugged me before but this is a whole new kettle of fucking fish)


Sandra Ruttan said...

@!*! - that's all I can say.

Sean Chercover said...

Oh you poor bastard. My heart goes out to you.

But 10,000 words? You waited 10,000 words between saves?

Save your work more often, doofus.

Russel said...

No, I mean this thing undid all the work from my previous saves, too. If I lkept copies of each individual save I'd have documents lasting two or three hundred words each hanging around the hard drive and flash stick.

You're right though... I am indeed a doofus!

angie said...

Bleurk! It's not perfect, but I email safety copies of my daily work to myself. That way, even if something horrible happens to the program, or even my computer, I'll have access to the most recent saved version.

Sorry. Not exactly helpful now, is it?

Stuart MacBride said...

"this is a whole new kettle of fucking fish"

You shouldn't let fish fuck in your kettle - it makes the tea taste funny.