Tuesday, November 27, 2007

"See, there were these two guys in a lunatic asylum…"

Mes Amis
Okay, I'm posting this for no other reason than - aside from the return of Indy - there's not another film next year that has me filled so much with equal parts excitement and dread.
I have faith in Nolan, of course. From Memento on, he's produced nothing but quality. Yeah, I know some people didn't like Insomnia so much but... I did, and that's all that counts (really, Robin Williams was genuinely creepy, Pacino was on form and the sense of isolation and exahusation was just amazing).
And I love the fact that this Joker doesn't look so... clean. Like the non-traditional approach to The Scarecrow that impressed me in Begins, this looks like a genuine psychopath. A guy who's just plain messed up. Its a real world interpretation that crosses enough points with the comic-world Joker to make it work.
Of course, let's see how he does in full walking and talking mode but for now...
Roll on The Dark Knight...
Au revoir

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