Wednesday, September 19, 2007

"Sexy eastern seaboard accent..."

Mes Amis

Just listening to Dave White (whose debut hits us... oooo... soon) being interviewed on the internet by a man with an incredibly strong English accent.

But as good as it is to hear Dave talk about his book, what was even more fun was to hear the presenter's female cohort twittering about Dave's "sexy" voice just five minutes before hand.

Should you want to know more, you can visit Dave White's site here... and find out more about the... author... teacher... international sound of sexiness...

(And yes, he really does love the teaching job...)

Au revoir



Dave White said...

At least she didn't say I sounded like Paul Giamatti.

Anonymous said...

Hi guys, I am the female who wittered about Davids sexy voice. Having spent some of my working life in New York, I grew very fond of the "Eastern Seaboard" voice, and yes, I find it a very attractive accent. Much nicer than some of the English accents which I struggle to understand even though I was born here! JfK - the "very english" accent was London born - hence his very strong English voice!

Takwe care and good luck with the launch on Tuesday!

Sue xx

John F said...

Just in case you missed the interview and are not able to get to the repeat (Tuesday 25th - 9am EST) then you can find it at

Funny that, the repeat just happens to be on the same day as the new book is launched! ;)

Just to let you know I'm the chap that did the interview. It wasn't my show it was Sue's, I just contributed to it. For those of you who tuned in, I hope you enjoyed it and hope you come back and listen again soon. :)

Best of luck with the book!

John F

NYCPhoto said...

Silly site doesn't seem to be Mac compatible. So I'm missing out.

Russel said...


Pity you're missing out; Its a fun interview, although I'm afraid I'm immune to the charms of Dave's accent.

I don't know that anyone's described my voice as sexy yet, so my mocking of Dave is just jealousy.

Although Tribe, I do believe, described me as having talking very loud and very fast.

Which I don't think is quite the same thing.