Saturday, August 18, 2007

"The important point is that we win some cases because our brains are repositories for intelligence and their brains are day-old banana pudding."

Mes Amis

I never saw Homicide: Life on the Streets when it aired. I never caught it on repeats. And I admit I only picked up the recent British release on DVD out of curiosity more than anything. But, I gotta say, I love it.

Anyway, I bring up Homicide, not just because I'm having a ball with the series 2 (or, apparently season 3 - - since Homicide's first two season's were unusually short) but because of this little internet rumour that Det. John Munch may be making an appearance (It could, let's face it, be little more than a cameo) on my top show of the moment, The Wire.

This, allegedly, brings Munch's appearances on TV up to a grand total of 10 (yes, ten!) different shows. Including The X-Files, Law and Order, Law and Order SVU* and, well... this appearance...

The question is, will Munch still be searching for the Letter M when he appears on The Wire?

Au revoir


*I've moaned about the show before, but with Munch in it, can it truly be as dull as I remember? Of course, I've never been big on the L&O franchise for some reason, although I'd tune into the original every so often.

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Sandra Ruttan said...

My quote of the day is courtesy of David Simon (by way of Brian).

"My standard for verisimilitude is simple and I came to it when I started to write prose narrative: fuck the average reader."