Friday, July 06, 2007

"What, your dad never cut off anyone's pinkie?"

Mes Amis

Everyone with half a brain knows that the Sopranos had many works of literature licked with its complexity and character. Now, if we're to believe the Guardian, it looks like the Jersey crew may just have whacked the Great American Novel.

Aw, fugheddaboudit!

Au revoir


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Mike Parry said...

First off: nice to see you're still alive - for a while I had images of your 'death by collapsing bookshelf'...

Secondly: supposedly the Sopranos final ending is, well, crap. But since I missed the rest of the episodes, I can't judge.

Thirdly, re: Blog rating... aw bugger, I'm getting family-friendly ratings for, well, every site I do...


PS When's the book coming out, and can I get a signed copy? :D