Saturday, July 28, 2007

"Snakes... why did it have to be snakes?"

Mes Amis

With Ray posting about what must be the movie event I am most looking forward to next year (Yes, its The Dark Knight - - and yes, I think if the Joker is everything they're promising this will be the Batman movie I have been dreaming of) I figure I might as well get even more geeky.

Three of my most popcorn fun favourite movies are, of course, the Indiana Jones films. Despite the weakened second act of Temple of Doom* there is just something about these movies that makes me grin like a lunatic every time I see them.

Of course, there's a new movie due out soon. I still don't know about it... I move between geeky excitement and pure dread. But there was something about seeing Steven Speilberg and Harrison Ford on set for this specially filmed comic-con thing that made me think, maybe it could turn out right.

Gotta say I'm glad Marion Ravenwood's back. With all the rumours that ToD's Willie Scott**might have been back, I'm glad that its the tougher, more fiesty lass from the first movie making a re-appearance.

As to Shia Lebeouf - - I've no idea who he actually is other than he was in Transformers so I can't judge.

But... Ray bloody Winstone... that's gotta give you hope, right?

Au revoir


* It suffers from tonal and pacing problems for me, I think maybe something to do with pushing all the action to the beginning and end of the film, meaning it suffers from a little overload in those sequences.

**Ahhhh, now there's my real problem with the second movie - that shrieking, "comic relief" sidekick/love interest.

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Vincent said...

I don't know if it's just the low quality of the Youtube clip, but Marian looks exactly the same. Again, no bad thing.