Thursday, July 19, 2007

Last train to...

Mes Amis

Yes, I'm alive. And I'm in Harrogate. Staying in what feels like someone's boxroom, but space aside my hotel seems nice.

The sun is incredible here, at least compared to the dreich weather I left behind in Dundee... wiat am I using Scots words? Must mean I crossed the border. Its like some kind of inbuilt reaction or something.

Anyway, I have also found the main hotel and discvovered that - shock horror - the bar was empty! I am going to go back following this update (being made at Harrogate library which is only 25p more expensive than last time I was here!) to see if I can find any rephrobates. No doubt that Guthrie gentlemen has arrived... and I understand Stuart MacBride and Simon Kernick will be picketting the hotel bar on behalf of the Temperance Society.

I have not been stuffing ballot boxes, despite the insistence on both the parts of MacBride and Guthrie. The winner tonight shall no doubt be decided fairly in some kind of cage match involving tigers. I do understand that Guthrie has wrestled tigers before so he is at an unfair advantage.

Anyway, Harrogate is lovely - - and I hope my camera holds out so I can show you all some pictures. Tonight, I intend to try and startle the onstage antics at the awards with my flashing*.

Those of you who follow my regular trips across the world will of course be upset that I have not taken the NIGHT BUS FROM DUNDEE to Harrogate this time around. No, I used British Rail** instead and ended up stuck beside some Geordie who talked loudly on his mobile phone before watching a pirated copy of SpiderMan 3 on his mobile DVD Player - with the volume turned up to LOUD BASTARD SETTING.

Its better than having some drunk Glaswegian sleeping on your shoulder, though, which happened last time on the NIGHT BUS FROM DUNDEE.

Anyway, I should be going now to find the drunke... uh, I mean temperant and sober bunch of intellectuals what I know...

Au revoir


*Careful, now!
**With their impenetrable fares policies

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Sandra Ruttan said...

You better post the winner tonight before you get sidetracked in the bar, or you'll be getting a 5 am call on your cellphone demanding to know who won!

Have fun. Drinks are on the Bearded Wonderboy.