Tuesday, January 09, 2007

I live... again!

Mes Amis

Yes, I am not (contrary to popular opinion) dead. Merely... resting. And, no, for those who wonder, I have not been kidnapped by an old lady and forced to live under her lavender scented stairs. That is merely a rumour started by some naughty writist who shall remain unnamed.

After the christmas insanity, I dissapeared into the badgercave for a while to recuperate. And now I have returned. So belated new years wishes to all and so forth.

What have I learned in my absence?

Well, according to one co-worker who saw me reading LIGHTS OUT, Jason Starr is *not* a noir writer, but the creator of Sex and The City*.

People looooove to give Book Tokens at Christmas (even to people who don't read, as I have discovered in the new year).

Early to bed and early to rise doesn't make you healthy, wealthy or wise.

I am the world's most disorganised man.

Even Doctor Who falls prey to the curse of THE CHRISTMAS SPECIAL and winds up making the weakest episode in the whole of the show's new run (closely followed by LOVE AND MONSTERS).

Torchwood only showed some balls in the last two episodes, but was let down as ever by major coincidences and ambition beyond capability (the silly Godzilla monster thing with the killer shadow).

The Dundee Rep Panto is always darker (and scarier) than families expect and may be designed and written by fans of THE MIGHTY BOOSH.

All Christmas is really about is being with family and friends and not having to worry about anything for a day.

We now (perhaps) return you to the regularly scheduled nonsense.

Au revoir


*Apparently that was Darren Starr. Candace Bushnell wrote the book, this Starr fellow was the showrunner of the TV show. But wouldn't the world be a more interesting place if Jason had been the brains behind the show?


Mystery Dawg said...

Russel...good to see you again (speaking as a person who let his own blog almost die a slow death.)

Happy New YEar and looking forward to more posts....

Russel said...


Dude, good to hear from you! And yeah, its easy to let a blog die. They need care and attention.

And hope you had a good start to the new year - the rest is going to be better, for sure... oh, I'll give you more posts... you'll regret every looking forward to them!

Sandra Ruttan said...

Maybe they thought Jason was the inspiration for Sex and the City. He's got that celeb aura.

Russel said...

I understand he was going to produce the series, but they let him go when he suggested casting Ken Bruen, Allan Guthrie and Duane Swierczynski in the three main roles. Guess which one was due for the Sarah Jessica Parker character?

Sandra Ruttan said...

It would be more interesting to discuss which one was going to play Samantha.