Wednesday, October 04, 2006

He demands.... FREEEEEEEDOM!

Mes Amis

Digressing from a blow by blow account, I just unpacked my bags and found the one item I got personally signed to me. I don't generally ask authors to sign things unless its for a present. I love getting signed books, but I don't like asking for them.

This year I didn't ask for a signed book.

Sean Chercover's excellent PI debut (check out crimescenescotlandreviews in a wee while for the full story when I get round to review) is not out till January. But he was at Bouchceron and they gave him a seat in the signing room after his "differently moderated" panel (see John Rickards for more information and know that Sean came off very well in spite of all the difficulties thrown at him). I asked him to sign one of his cards at least. And he did.

This is the evidence.
But Sean's signing is not the strangest thing to happen to our ex-magician, scuba-diving ex-PI novelist (to paraphrase CJ Songer's somewhat odd description of his life), oh no. On Sunday night, before I went home, we joined the clan Jordan for Mexican in Milwaukee. It was damn fine food. But the waiter keeps staring at Mr Chercover as though he recognises him. And then, he says, "You look like that movie star!"


"Mel Gibson"

And just so's you know, that first picture's of Sean and and the second's of Mel.

I think.

And now back to the usual blithering nonsense.

Au revoir



Anonymous said...

You bastard.

I do NOT look like Sean Chercover.


Sean Chercover said...

You bastard.

I do NOT look like Mel Gibson.


Russel said...

Guys, I make no comment, but I leave it up to the public to decide...

John P said...

I agree with Sean. Nothing like Mel Gibson. More like a cross between Brad Garrett and Desi Arnaz.

Here's a pic.

Sean and Russel and Sandi