Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Bouchercon, part the first

Mes Amis

You haven't lived until a giant truck has tried to run you off the freeway. Or at least it has appeared to do so. Jeez, these American vehicles are huuuuge! But I'm in the safe hands of Jen Jordan and we're driving as part of the Jordan Convoy (cue much singing and improvisation on the old classic tune) towards Madison from Milwaukee. Jon and Ruth in the lead, with Sean Chercover and Sandra Ruttan bringing up the rear*. I've been staying with Jon and Ruth for a couple of days and now I'm more or less adjusted to America, it seems a good time to throw me screaming into the passenger door of Jen's bug-spattered truck as it hurtles along the road. But she's in perfect control, and we arrive in one piece.

I lug my bags to the Edgewater which at first glance seems wonderful. Friendly staff. Large room. Complimentary coffee and water.

Back at the main hotel, I spend time in the bar with the Jordans and co, where much drink is consumed as well as little hors d'evours** that may be pork or crab; no-one's quite sure.

After this we head downtown and eat greek. Kebabs are called Gyro's here and I indulge in a chicken Gyro which tastes great. Although when asking about pitta, my accent almost gets me a pizza. Of course, as Tribe will later comment, I have a fast and loud Scots accent: its a wonder anyone can understand me.

Back at the hotel, a few drinks later, I meet Al and Duane, who are heading for beer and coffee. Unfortunately we cannot find both so we settle for coffee. The guys head back to their hotel, as do I. But I have to pass the main hotel to do so and am waylaid by Ken Bruen, who insists I must meet people.

Which I do. In the bar. Where much beer is consumed. I leave at about half one, feeling unsteady and tired. This is to become a regular thing over the next few days.

Dear God, I think, as I fall into bed, I have to do a panel tomorrow.

Au revoir


*Careful now!
**I don't think I can spell that right.

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