Friday, August 18, 2006

"Goin' to the chapel and we're gonna get ma-a-a-ried..."

Mes Amis

Who'da thought Russel would ever be described as the "best" at anything? Well tomorrow sees the culmination of my Best Man duties for a very good friend of mine who I've known now for, gosh, twelve years or so. Top bloke. And happy to see him and his blushing bride make it down the altar.

Of course, he does have to look forward to the Russel speech which will be gently mocking but probably horribly sentimental, too. I'm no good at weddings... *sniff*...

But of course it also gives me the chance to wear a kilt! That will be fun. I enjoy the old kilt-wearing stuff. Even if I don't really have the legs for it. So if I'm quiet for the next wee while, I'm recovering from the wedding.

In other news:

There was other news here but I'm not sure how much I can say yet what with stuff being sorted out and waiting for confirmation of the roll-call, so I took it down for now. Suffice to say I am doing a panel at B'Con and it looks like very interesting company. I'm just waiting til I know for sure everyone's on board for it, blah-blah.

Anyway, I'm off to make sure my kilt still fits and I'll no doubt see you all soon...

Au revoir


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