Friday, July 21, 2006

The Torment of Authors

Mes Amis

Although I'm not at the Harrogate crime festival this year (I am instead unpacking ludicrously heavy boxes of books and dealing with customers convinced their mate told them to buy this bestselling novel called The Verdi Code*) I have just found that the winner of the Theakston's Old Peculier** Crime Novel of the Year Award*** has been announced.

Val McDermid for The Torment of Others. Let's have a big Aye Mean Streets round of applause for the winner.

Speaking of Harrogate, I wonder if Stuart is resisting the temptation of the bar and doing his editing like a good boy****... ahhhh, we all know the answer to that...

Au revoir


*which will be followed by the sequel, The Monet Messages

**Mmmm... delicious beer....

***When I put in these asterisks I had a really funny comment in mind and now its just gone... feel free to add your own.

****And relishing the fact that a Fifer won... I wonder if he'll start spreading rumours about Sawney Bean being round St Andrews area again this year...

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