Thursday, July 13, 2006


Mes Amis

Although I have been greatly amusing the lovely Jen with my general HTML inadqeuacy here, I finally bit the bullet and just said, "okay Blogger, reset the fucking template!"

And it still didn't work.

Until I realised something. The superhero post (I'm Batman, you know!) whereby I had taken a test to prove my heroic powers was what was screwing things up.

So I had no need to reset.

And lose all my links and customisations.


Oh well, time to start building em up again...

Au revoir


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Sandra Ruttan said...

After a few mishaps, I thought I'd get smart. Now, I copy and paste my blogger code into a word document and save it on my computer. One time, blogger had a hissy cow, and it turned out to be the template code - anyone with the same template lost their blog. So, having that link list spared me.

And it explains at least one of the times I've redesigned.

Looks good Russel!