Monday, July 24, 2006

Not exactly shocking...

Mes Amis

A third of all graduates in non graduate jobs is not shocking news to me. I'm one of them, of course. In a part time job in a bookstore, almost ready to give up looking for something else. In my case its because I couldn't do my PhD. Not because I was incapable but because I was unable to get funding because the places are so highly contested in areas where the Government clearly considers the degree more frivolous (like philosophy, which has become cheapened in a sense because its the course *everybody* does as an undergrad because they think its not really about anything and it just looks interesting; not because they have some deep seated interest in the subject).

Of course potential students should think twice before going to uni. Its fun, but you have to realise that in the end you're there to get something out of it. A qualification that's supposed to earn you more cash and a brighter future. Not something that gets you into a call centre (where a good deal of my contemporaries are) or working in Inland Revenue.


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