Tuesday, May 30, 2006

The Great Unfocussed Post of Nonsense

Mes Amis

No, don't worry: I'm not off the radar again. I've just been a little busy.

That Girl was in Dundee over the weekend and brought with her coffee scented air fresheners and photos of Chicago I left at her place last year after B'Con (Its okay, I took months to forward Stuart's Skeleton Bob prize pack to her so I guess we're both equally bad at remembering such things). So it was good to see her again and indeed to have the hottest chile in the world at the it-should-be-world-famous Phoenix Bar (its been too long since I've been there and I does love it so). In fact it was great because a good percentage of the old gang were together again and we don't do that nearly enough these days.

Neither do I watch Most Haunted enough, which I found out on Saturday as everyone failed to leave the flat for more publike climes and ended up laughing at terrible cable shows. Which was all fun, of course. I've never watched Most Haunted all the way through and have to say as sitcoms go its one of the funniest things I've ever seen.

We also watched David Blaine encase himself in a block of ice and realised how stupefyingly dull he really is.

I have been reading The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Klay, and have to say despite the fact its a pretty heeeuuuge book, I really enjoyed it. Based in the late thirties to the fifties, it charts the lives of two jewish comic book creators whose most famous Superhero is The Escapist. Its at once a history of comics, a history of modern America and an engaging examination of a world undergoing intense change with the second world war and its aftermath. Brilliant stuff and very affecting.

On the writing front, things are moving forward but I can't say much yet. News of major changes will be forthcoming when the time is right although those who know me know what these changes in situation are.

How's that for cryptic?

Oh, and Doctor Who keeps getting better. 1950's London, the Coronation, television sets stealing people's faces and a very fucking creepy Maureen Lipman. What more could one ask for in a TV show?

Tomorrow we're off to see X Men 3. I am very afraid. But hopefully my fears will be allayed... Except three words keep spinning in my head: Brett fuckin' Ratner. Can the man who gave us Rush Hour, the abominable Red Dragon and (The most superflous film in the universe) Rush Hour 2 deliver a film that matches the really rather excellent first two movies? My heart wants to say yes, but my head is extremely skeptical...

Till then, mes amis

Au revoir

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Gary Smith said...

The percentage would have been greater if I had known you were meeting...