Thursday, March 30, 2006

(Almost) New CSS

Mes Amis

The first part of the new issue of Crime Scene Scotland is up. More content will follow soon in the next few weeks. You can still vote in the poll and if you already did you might want to send again as a lot of results got lost in the Great Webmail Debacle of 2005/2006. Our new contact address for the site will be:

For now enjoy the new fiction courtesy of Mark Kiewlak (who wrote for DC comics' Flash 80 pahe special - we just like the fact he's written a bona Fide comic) who gives us the intense Confession, Chris Morrow (one of our favourite writers at CSS; nasty and brutal) calls us all Chickens and Joseph Farria (a man to watch) writes to us with Love, The Dead Man.

There are also links to reviews from the new blog and as we said, lots more luvverly content to follow soon.

au revoir


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Aldo said...

A wonderful start to a new edition. Where in the hell is the rest of it? Ha? Just kidding! Bravo on the Banks review. Bring on more Donkey.....