Thursday, January 19, 2006

“The minute I read [the book] I said, ‘This calls for a unique mobile marketing campaign...’”

Mes Amis

Ahhh, Stephen King, author of some of my favourite books (IT, Salem's Lot, Misery) and some of my most goddamn hated books of all time (Cujo, Desperation). The inspiration behind great TV and movies (IT, The Shining [Kubrick]) and some of the worst disasters ever committed to celluloid (Kingdom Hospital, The Shining [TV]).

Basically I have a love/hate relationship with Stephen King's erratic output. As noted when I recently reviewed The Colorado Kid, my worst problem with King is when he just tries too hard to be clever. He's at his best telling simple stories and populating them with characters worth caring about. So I don't know whether or not I'm looking forward to The Cell (And since the Americans had to get Fleshmarket Close changed to Fleshmarket Alley will we get The Cell changed to The Mobile?). But it certainly seems that S&S are getting up a marketting campaign to beat all others. Even if it is a bit pointless. Just having a sign that says, "Uh, Dude, its Stephen King" will likely mean that this book will beat all others into submission.

Anyway, to read about this unique advertising campaign (well its the first time its been used for an adult fiction title) that means you get the master of horror leaving stalker-type messages on your answerphone go here. And remember, the next call you hear could be your last...

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