Sunday, January 01, 2006

Happy New Year!

Mes Amis

So that was 2005. Pretty painless wasn't it? Actually, on the whole, looking back, I've had a pretty fun year. No, really. Although its been a funny ol' good news/bad news kinda year.

Good news: CSS has seen a phenomenal increase in readership from last january (literally doubling in size) which is great as last January we were considering closing our doors.

Bad news: increased level of submissions has meant we've fallen far behind. So good and bad things there.

But (Good news) people seem to be supporting what we're doing and we're having a blast with it. We even courted some small controversy with letters of complaint over one particular story (Colin Conway's Angel) and that's always fun!

Good news: I've also signed up with Agent Jane! Huzzah! After stalking her for months she finally relented and made me sign a contract in May-ish time.

Bad news: The novel I was working on wasn't quite there so at the end of July we came to the agreement that I needed to start again

But (Good news) I'm really happy with the new novel. Well happier than I was with the old one. Gotta see what she thinks of it, though!

Good News: Attending B'Con and Harrogate and best of all getting on a panel at B'Con.

Bad News: Getting the Rickards flu in Chicago

But (Good news) also got ebola and met so many funky people. I mean, these crime writer types (even the ones from Aberdeen) are wonderfully nice people.

Good News: Got my MLitt in philosophy

Bad News: Got no funding for my PhD

But (Good news) this means I can apply for funding from the SAC and it also gives me more time to concentrate on what really matters to me: the writing.

So all in all everything's balanced out on the good side this year. Add to that its been great to see so many of my friends having fun. That Girl got to experience proper work (although I'm sure she just spent all her time updating the blog!), my mate Bob became a proper lawyer, my friend Gary went to America as research for his PhD and came back with lots of exciting stuff about Abe Lincoln and so forth (he's also getting married this year, ya know!) and loads of other people did many exciting things. My friend Karen also gave birth on the 23rd of december which was good for her.

And now its 2006. I have no resolutions beyond writing a damn good book. For one things everyone's getting impatient to see it...

Have a great 2006, folks, and I'll see you back here soon for my pick of books, TV and movies over the last year.

Au revoir



that girl said...

hapy new year buddy!!

Sandra Ruttan said...

Happy New Year!

The Rickards flu - sounds nasty. And it's never fun to be sick when you travel.

Good news about CSS though. And controversy breeds interest...

Gabriele C. said...

Happy New Year

Stuart MacBride said...

That Girl hasn't updated her blog in ages - poke her with a stick! Poke, poke, poke!

And after I wrote her a ginger-haired policeman who wasn't a fuck-up too...

Jennifer Jordan said...

Ooh, list music, too!


The Campaign of Niceness, 2006, begins.

Gary Smith said...

Happy (belated) new year!