Sunday, December 11, 2005

Almost There

Mes Amis

Coming by the end of next week (maybe even sooner)...

The new special Christmas issue of Crime Scene Scotland

Fiction including

Stephen D Rogers
Kim Harrington
Ed Lynskey

Features include:

Delayed B'Con images and thoughts (The page is actually done with thanks to the wonderful Mary Regan for some photos and Ken Wishnia and Rebecca Simpson for some others)

Interview with Jim Michael Hansen, whose debut, Night Laws, comes out next year

James Clar on Ian Rankin

The CSS end of year poll/write-in thingy - make your thoughts known to the world! Or at least to Russ and Doug.

Reviews include:

Speak of the Devil by Richard Hawke

The Colorado Kid by Stephen King (I know we're behind on this one but we had the review all ready...)

Open and Closed by Mat Coward

And, of course all the usual nonsense.

Reasons for the delay are that I've been employed by a secret agency dedicated to keeping the world safe from evil supervillains who hatch dioabolical plans for world domination from their top secret lairs...

At least that's my story and I'm sticking to it.

Au revoir



Stuart MacBride said...

"dedicated to keeping the world safe from evil supervillains"

You've been sniffing the shake-and-vac again, haven't you?

that girl said...

he eats the shake n vac. It's the cif shower foam he sniffs.

Stuart MacBride said...

That explains why his nose is the only visible part of him free of mildew...

Russel said...

Although in my defence I do use Mr Sheen on the rest of my body.

It really does shine umpteen things clean.

Stuart MacBride said...

Why do I feel a 'Derek and Clive' sketch coming on?