Saturday, November 12, 2005

..."Gordon's alive!"

Mes Amis

As well you may know, my beardy God and idol is not Stuart (sorry) but is rather the renownded, mad as brush and one thousand times as loud as anything you can care to think of Brian Blessed...

So I present, for your pleasure, a little Brian Blessed game - can you guess the fake Brian?

Au revoir



Graham said...

We're not quite so Blessed over here in the states, where he's more of a "that guy" actor ("Hey! It's that guy!").

So, would that link be considered a Flash game?

Stuart MacBride said...

I am everyone's bearded God!

You're not getting into heaven now, Badger Boy - it's down to the fiery pit for you! Where herrings will lightly chafe your scrotum, then rub lemon juice in. for I am a VENGEFUL GOD!

that girl said...

Russ, you mean.... GORDONS ALIVE??????

*said while paying homage to Stuart*