Wednesday, November 02, 2005

"...the experiences of this world are softer..."

Mes Amis

All hail Hard Case Crime, one of the best imprints out there. There's a lovely little article here on CNN.COM all about the lads at Hard Case, and even if it does seem to get a few things wrong (I could have sworn they released a few original novels before Stephen King got in on the game) its a nice piece of publicity for an imprint that deserves your utmost support. They're not afraid to take risks (as evidenced by King's book, which breaks all the rules Hard Case seemed to have established except for the length, and which I shall be reviewing in depth in the next CSS) and they have an eye for quality as evidenced not only by their original releases but also by their choice of re-releases, too.

So what am I looking forward to from Hard Case? Well Lawrence Block's Girl With the Long Green Heart should be good, but more importantly there's an original novel from two of the best modern noir writers, Ken Bruen and Jason Starr that's due out sometime soon. Its called Bust and with two powerhouse writers behind it, you just know its gonna be worth buying...

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