Monday, November 14, 2005


Mes Amis

While I catch up with writerly deadlines, the new issue of Crime Scene Scotland will be delayed until approximately the 20/21 of November. This is due to a combination of writerly stuff *and* work related nonsense (I have a few extra responsibilities over these next few weeks). However, we have coming up:

Russel's ever enlightening editorial
Fiction from Stephen D Rogers and Kim Harrington
James Clar's article on Ian Rankin and some very tiny coffins
Perhaps an author interview (if it gets done on time)
And all the usual insanity.
Since its Christmas time we are probably a little review heavy but what the hell. Books recieved(and reviewed this issue) include Mat Coward's Open and Closed, Stephen King's The Colorado Kid and Richard Hawke's Speak of the Devil.

One of the things you learn quickly running an ezine is that it is very time consuming if you want to do it to the best of your abilities. However, I think a few days past deadline isn't so bad at all. And maybe that'll give us more time to catch those pesky typos...

Au revoir


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Alan P said...

Russel, have any of your own stories appeared in your mag, and if not, are you planning on putting any in a future issue?