Wednesday, November 30, 2005

And the Pride of Scotland Award goes to...

Mes Amis

I didn't even realise it was St Andrews day today. But then my brains all befuddled with work and deadlines and other nonsense. And the cold. But, still, according to the Scotsman I'm probably not the only one who didn't realise what day it was.

What actually raised my awareness was catching the end of the Pride of Scotland awards on the telly. Dundee University's current rector, Lorraine Kelly was on presenting duties. Domonick Diamond (Yes, he of Gamesmaster well... I'm sure he's done something else) presented the music award to a young Scots fiddler who beat Franz Ferdinand and KT Tunstall (I didn't know she was Scots - you learn something new every day!) to the top spot. And Jack McConnell presented the big Pride of Scotland Award for being a top Scots chap to...

Ian Rankin

That'll make That Girl very happy because I know how much she adores the Rankin. Mr Rankin gave a nice little speech about how maybe he should take another year off as it might earn him another award. Please, Ian (Do you mind if I call you Ian? Not that it matters because I'm sure you've got better things to do than seek out this wee place), If you can hear me I beg you not to do that. For the sake of booksellers everywhere! Because this year has been bad enough with punters asking me again and again when your new book is coming out and why isn't this "Flood" book a Rebus and why is it so expensive if its your first book etc etc. I couldn't take another year of that!

Ahem... anyway, the award was well deserved. Mr Rankin (I think I'll go back to being formal now) has done so much for the profile of Scotland and for Scottish literature in general. So a nice little round of applause for the man.

Au revoir


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that girl said...

the rankin is going down in my estimation a little. He's gettnig that "alright alright...yes, I AM wonderful, ok?" thing happening.
You know how much I loooove an ego!