Tuesday, October 11, 2005

I'm walking in the rain...

Mes Amis

In the sunshine, Dundee can be a beautiful city. I love walking through Balgay Park when the sun is high, or even just grabbing a sunny lunchbreak outside the Caird Hall among the fountains.

But I love it when its raining, too. I just got back from a walk in the rain. It was still pretty hot outside and the water was at just the right temeprature as it fell from the sky. It was falling hard, smacking off the pavement, but it didn't matter. I think what I love about this kind of rain is that its enough to clear the people off the streets, giving the city a feeling of gentle calm. The light is low but not so dark you want to crawl into a corner and give up and there's a cleansing feel, like the rain is just washing all the strain of city life right down into the drains.

And there's no better feeling than coming in from a heavy rainfall, dripping wet and taking off your jacket and shoes. Turning on the heating... watching telly... just relaxed.

Yeah, it feels good.

Au revoir


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