Tuesday, October 11, 2005

All Change...

Mes Amis

If anyone out there has been following my little tales (all three of you, I say thank you) that have been appearing in AHMM may remember a small tale in the July/August issue called Coughing John. In that particular story, much of the action takes place on an overpass that starts at the bottom of Union Street here in Dundee and crosses a roundabout to the train station.

I hadn't been down that way in a while, although I was aware that changes were taking place down that area as part of the plans to modernise the city (The plans look like its going to make a real difference to the city; its all happening here, folks!). But when I got my train to Edinburgh the other week I noticed something: the overpass has been demolished. Its funny, because the overpass was a grotty mess, perfect for the setting of a story like Coughing John and yet now that its gone I kinda miss it. Across at the train station they still have the steps that led to the pass but they lead to nowhere, now. Mostly I'll miss the buskers who used to play there during the day; they were always entertaining.

Grotty overpass, I salute you. No more shall late night commuters have to shiver in terror while walking through your empty interior, worried about who may be coming the other way... In an odd sense, I shall miss you.

Au revoir



Gary Smith said...

Yes, the underpass has also been filled on, I wonder where all the Dundee tramps congregate now?
I'm looking forward to coming back to Dundee in 2012 (the proposed completion date) and seeing what's been done :)

Russel said...

The underpass, too? I haven't gone that way in a while... *sniff*... the place is just losing its character... (I must now write an ode to the underpass...)

By 2012 we're going to be like Metropolis or something - bright and shiny and protected by a man in a red cape and a horrendous blue one-piece...