Monday, September 05, 2005

Things what I have learned atBcon pt 1

Mes Amis

1) I HATE Dublin airport.
2) People actually know who I am and some of them have even read my work (but nobody had any copies for me to sign).
3) I have my own rumour mill and it is nothing to do with Rickards's evil machinations!
4) There are very few egos floating around.
5) The Jordans are wonderful people.
6) Rickards gives diseases like gifts (You BASTARD - This cold is killing me; I can't speak!)
7) Jen likes to give diseases, too, but hers are furry, stuffed mock-diseases (I have a cuddly ebola virus of my own; I'm very proud of him and considered announcing his presence at customs until I realised the pain that would incur)
8)Doing a panel is great fun. Especially when you can talk about pleasuring yourself.
9) People from LA think my Dundonian impressions are funny (nobody realises how fuckin' awful they are, except maybe Allan Guthrie)
10) Booksellers are such brilliant people.
11) Sometimes the best ideas are borne over drinks.
12) Fuck it, I'll do a real report when I actually get home and get some lemsip
13) Crime writers, readers, editors, etc are all far more interesting than philosophists. Even Bryon and Rickards.
14) Ray Banks spends all his time going down on escalators (But he wasn't arrested for lewd behviour. Ho! ho!)
15) Plan your time if you want to get to events. Expect to always end up in the bar.
14) Did I mention I HATE Dublin airport?

Anyway, that's all for now.

Till I get home for real

Au Revoir



Dave White said...

Rock on, McLean! Great to meet you.

Sarah said...

Sounds like John should be known for The Cold That Infected Chicago...

Bryon Quertermous said...

John and I were indeed some of the most interesting people there. I'm not sure what that says about the conference at large though...

It was a pleasure meeting you and chatting about stripping grannies in Dundee. See you in Madison?

Aldo said...

See, this is why I have to win the California be able to hang with youse people. Oh well, there is always next year.

Yeah, Dublin airport, that's why I always fly into Shannon instead.

Anonymous said...

Russell it was good to see you again. I seem to bump into you everywhere but Scotland.

Russel said...

Dave, great to meet you, too, man. Although leaving early... pshaw...

Sarah... you knew there was a reason the world didn't allow you to make it - - it was to avoid the Rickards flu. Crikey, they wouldn't have let me through customs if they knew that was what I had...

Bryon... when I say "interesting"... Well, anyone who does converse about stripping grannies without batting an eyelid must be interesting! Good to meet you, man, and I hope you managed to escape the Rickards flu.

Aldo... go. Go to Bouchercon. I have debt collectors after me ready to break my legs with a baseball bat, Guthrie style, but it was all worthwhile... some very cool people. Even Bryan. Just don't breathe near Rickards. He'll infect ya with something.

Donna, great to see you again and get a chance to talk some, too! But its funny I never see any of the people who actually live here in Scotland in Scotland... If I don't see you before, though, I'll hopefully see you at Left Coast; I think I'm getting addicted to conventions...

Ray said...

I'll see your Dublin airport and raise you a Charles De Gaulle. At least they speak English in Dublin.