Thursday, September 15, 2005

Coming Soon

Mes Amis

It might be a little late (You know who you are, interviewer and interviewee... I told you when I needed to know if this was coming by...) but the new issue of CSS should be up by Saturday including...

"Blaine's Deal" by JA Konrath
Review: Lin Anderson's "Deadly Code" reviewed by Russel D McLean
"Saving Grace" by Frank Zafiro
Perhaps an author interview
Review: Stuart MaCBride's "Cold Granite" a somewhat delayed review by Russel D McLean
And lots more besides including a postbag where our poor grammar is pointed out and a selection of Quick Hits that has been extended by Russel's post B'Con reading...

I guess last time we were early, it was inevitable that this time we would be late.

Au revoir


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