Saturday, September 17, 2005

Almost There...

Mes Amis

Yeah, brand new day is a good thing. Mostly I'd just built up how stupid I'd been yesterday in my head. It wasn't so bad as all that and people are actually still talking to me. All the same, the phrase "think about what you're saying" is ringing through my head.

So its all sorted, anyhow, and those kind of late-night "what the fuck did I say" sensations should always be ignored.

Today's been far more fun apart from being called into work. Slipping on with DOUBLE VISION like a beast... Lots of violence in this one; more than I realised. But that's always good. And working on a couple more shorts. And the new issue of CSS is almost up. By tomorrow night we should be properly a go on this one.

Just ignore stressed Russel. He's more offended by what he says than anyone else. Apparently. Which is probably a good thing...

Au revoir


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